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Hair Extensions… the good, the bad and the beautiful!Featured

I like to think of hair as the outfit we wear every day, so I’ve always been one to keep up the maintenance and hair care more than any other beauty regime. The world of hair extensions can be pretty confusing… there’s so many types – clip in, braid, micro link, keratin bond, halo pieces – with so many options it can be difficult to pick the right method. Having tried ALL of these over the past 10 years …here’s my honest, unfiltered opinion on what works best and why. Having good hair has always been my ‘thing’..you wear your hair every single day so I think its worth investing in! Plus , a good hair day can really make you feel so damn good!

The Microlink Method

Ok so these are my all time FAVE to which I have returned multiple times over the years! Y THO? Well, these are reusable, don’t damage the hair, no chemicals used and your own hair will GROW underneath as they are highly protective. This method also allows for greater color customization. Highly recommend these and they are the only ones I use now. Installation is super fast, about 4 bundles which works for medium to think hair will take 2 hours to install. My faves are Hair Dreams, Hair Locs or Showpony – Best Value. LOVE it Rating 9/10

The Halo

This is a hair piece similar to clip ins – suitable for instant glam with instant removal. One piece of hair on an invisible wire loop, you simply flip your hair over it. I really like this method, but make sure you add some clips for extra strength to hold the weave in place – this one time, my hair piece almost flew off in the wind…. in the middle of a photoshoot….not the best look but i’m still a fan of these – weather permitting lol 7/10

Braided & Sew In

Honestly, I tried these ONCE and hated ’em…the tight braid gave me a headache and I found them super uncomfy – had them removed within 2 days. Now, I know some people love them, and they can be great for afro hair – it all depends on your personal preference. No glue is required so that’s a huge plus…I wish I could say better things about this method but its my least favorite. 3/10

Tape Ins

A lot of people love these! I’m not a big fan… its pretty much impossible to get your hair up into a ponytail with these. They install pretty fast though…1-2 hours, and last about 6 weeks before you need to move them up. If you are the kind of gal who doesn’t want them to be too obvious when boo is running his fingers through your hair….maybe best to try the Microbeads or Keratin Bonds. 6/10

Keratin Bonds

Ok so these are like tiny glue bonds ( they say keratin but honestly its still a method of direct glue attachment) This type of very popular in Europe, as it allows for color customization, very small bonds (great if you wear high ponytails a lot) They do take a few hours to put in… depending on how many bundles you get – it might take 3-6 hours. I stopped wearing these as I did notice some little bald patches at the sides of my hair… BUT they went away fast, so maybe the person who installed them just wasn’t very good .. who knows. My favorite brand in this range is Great Lengths extensions – Nice fluffy ends on this hair which can be great if you already have thick hair. The downside is that new hair is required every few months as the hair can’t be reused. 7/10

I hope you find this helpful – bear in mid that everyone is different and what suits me, might not suit you and vice versa! For ladies based in California.. I go to Pinky Dillon – she’s the best and has been doing my extensions for a few years now! This post is not sponsored in any way – its just my personal experience.

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Skin Series: Secret to Flawless Under Eye FillerFeatured

Long nights, stressful days and a hectic schedules can have the best of us feeling and looking , well, a little tired! One of my all time ‘not -so- secrets’ to combat those tired eyes is a touch dermal filler in the orbital area. Now, here’s the thing about any type of dermal filler – you need to find the right doctor.

Alot of celebs or models will never tell you what they did or didn’t have done…well, I just think that’s a bit silly, so… here Im going to share my journey with under eye filler. No shame in my game…I’m an open beauty book!

Two weeks after my Boletero filler has settled
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Manifestation Guide: How to Manifest Anything you WantFeatured

Do you find it hard to manifest the things you want into your life? Perhaps you follow the Law of Attraction but can’t quite master the manifestation? It can be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature to you! Let’s face it, every day we are constantly bombarded by bad news, sad stories and fear inducing content – we live in a sea of almost constant negativity. Many of us accept this as the status quo, and are not even aware that this is neither normal nor healthy. These factors can really effect our ability to manifest our dream reality.

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Easy Depuffing Face Massages to Do at HomeFeatured

How many times did you hear (or read) “Don’t touch your face” today? Well, with very clean hands and a hydrating moisturizer, applied to clean skin, we are, in fact, touching our faces. Shock! Horror! But wait… hear me out… I’ve been taking notes from celeb aesthetician Joanna Vargas & her lymphatic drainage massage technique – which she outlines in her book, Glow from Within This is SO KEY at targeting puffiness, dark circles, and even improving skin laxity.


Skincare Superstar – Everything you need to know about NiacinimideFeatured

As a Beauty influencer, I often asked all the time about the latest buzz-worthy skincare ingredients. Usually, I’m left unimpressed because there is minimal (if any) clinical research available on their benefits for me to support them. However, this is not the case with the now-trending Niacinamide. This is one hot topic that I can’t get enough of! (scroll to picture evidence below)

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Protect your energy cloud

Do you find some people drain the damn life out of you? Are you overwhelmed by friends/ family who seem extra negative? Well.. ME TOO! Its a very common thing… so let’s talk about protecting your energy cloud.

What is an energy cloud? Basically, this is your mood, your vibration, how you feel etc…. I really feel there is not enough info on this so here we go… lets discuss

Many of us spend much of our lives allowing ourselves to get swept away by other people’s ENERGY. One of the only positives to the 2020 drama, is that many of us are more in touch with our true authentic self. It’s easy to forget that you are pure source energy …everything in our world is ENERGY – this has been proven by science.

When I was younger I never realized it was even possible to truly stay in control of your own energy. I lived in reaction survival mode, constantly.

For those of us who are sensitive or empathic, it’s so easy to soak up the world around us, leaving us drained and exhausted. If we want to give the best of ourselves to the world, we need to love ourselves enough to take ownership over our energy.

After all, if we don’t own our own energy, others will.

Protect Your Energy – But with Compassion

Learning to stay in control of your own energy is not easy, it definitely takes work and daily reminders. And while boundaries are needed for certain energies, like those who are  unkind or constantly negative, most of the time we just need to learn how to not get swept away into the current of others.

Truthfully though, I have a pet peeve with spiritual leaders who love to boast about how they avoid people who “bring their energy down.” Because quite frankly, life is hard and people are struggling. We should all have a little more compassion, and a little less judgment, for people who “bring our energy down.”

When we practice staying in control of and cleansing our own energy, we don’t need to judge people in this way. We don’t need to pretend that we are beaming with joy every second of the day and will only interact with others who are beaming just as brightly. There is light and dark in everything, black and white, we live in a universe of duality.

Because there are times when we will beam and brighten someone’s day, and there are times when we’ll be sad and not our best selves and need a little compassion too.

So I give you these tips for protecting your energy not so you can feel superior to others whose energies aren’t up to snuff, but so you can compassionately interact with the world from a grounded and calm place.

I hope these tips help you to stay true to yourself as you navigate this emotionally complex world.

1. Don’t Be So Agreeable

If you’re with someone who loves to complain, insult others and speak negatively constantly, don’t join them in it just to be agreeable or supportive.

Know who you are and what you want to put out to the world. Stay true to yourself and create boundaries with such people if you need to.

Chances are if you don’t join them in their negativity, they’ll look for someone else who will. Or better yet, you’ll help them to see there’s a better way.

Intention: I will not join someone in their negativity just to be agreeable. I will show them a different way.

2.  Create a Visual

Visuals can be so powerful in reminding you of your boundaries and control.

You could picture yourself surrounded by a softly colored bubble, a bright light or even an article of clothing, something that clearly creates a protective border between you and the energies around you.

Intention: I am protected by the visual I created. I am neither impacted nor in judgement of someone else’s energy.

3. Use a Mantra

When someone’s energy is particularly overwhelming, it helps to repeat an empowering mantra in your mind.

When I’m feeling vulnerable to someone’s negative energy, whether it’s from a colleague or troll online, I repeat to myself, over and over:

“Their energy is not mine.”

It’s so simple but so effective. Creating this intention allows me to stay calm and loving and maintain my ability to help someone through their struggle without sacrificing my sanity.

Create a mantra that helps you to feel protected and safe, no matter who you’re with or what emotional state they’re in.

Intention: I will use my mantra to remain in control of my energy and respond to others from a place of peaceful power.

4. Create a Home Sanctuary

A friend came over to my apartment recently and her first comment as she walked inside was how relaxed she suddenly felt, just by being there. She joked that my home feels like a spa.

I told her I created that on purpose – I need it to feel that way so my highly sensitive energy can heal from the chaos of the outside world.

Bring nature indoors, play relaxing music, keep the lights dim, declutter constantly. There are so many ways to create a home environment that both heals and restores your energy. I also like to keep crystals around for healing energy purposes – I have so many but you may find rose quartz especially helpful.

Intention: My home is my sanctuary. No matter what happens in the world, my home will provide me with peace and restoration.

5. Trust in Yourself

When we don’t trust or believe in ourselves enough, our energy is for anyone’s taking.

If they want us to be high, we’ll be high, because then they’ll like us more. If they want to attack us with negativity, we’ll attack back, because our insecurities make us defensive and reactive. If they want us to gossip, we’ll do it, because that will forge a deeper bond.

Relationships that require you to act like someone you’re not and take on energies that aren’t yours are not stable, and they’ll eventually end. Honor who you are and you won’t give away your energy to others so haphazardly. Be true to your authentic self.

Intention: I trust in who I am and honor my energy, I will not sacrifice it to please others.

6. Trust in Others

If you have the tendency to want to fix or heal others (like me) it’s so easy to try and take on their suffering for them. You want to make things better for them, take away their burdens.

While there’s so much beauty and kindness in this, it’s not a reliable solution. Taking on the pain of others won’t necessarily fix things for them. And if you do this too often, your own energy and strength will suffer.

Instead, we can often better help those we love by remaining in control of our own energy as we support them in finding the solutions they need for themselves.

Intention: I will empower others by supporting them and trusting in them as they navigate troubled times.

7. React Less

When we quickly react to other people’s energies, whether positive or negative, we’re less stable in our own energy. It really takes an awful lot to rile me to be honest – my energy is very centered and strong. In other words… for the most part .. I just don’t give a S**t! I don’t let negativity ruffle my feathers.

Practice pausing before reacting. Check in with yourself to see how you can best respond in any situation. Let your best self step forward, not your ego. By pausing and responding mindfully you’re less likely to allow someone’s negativity to pierce you and drag you down.

Stay in control of your energy and you’ll be far less reactive to the world around you.

Intention: I will always pause before reacting so I can respond mindfully to whatever the world throws at me.

8. Get Busy

If you know you get impacted easily by the energies of the world around you, honor yourself enough to set strong limits.

Don’t say yes to more than you can handle. Just because you have a night or weekend free does not mean that you are actually free. Just because someone is persistently asking something of you, doesn’t mean you have to give in to it. Protect your energy and learn to say NO when you feel stretched. You do not owe anyone your time – don’t feel pressured by the burdens of others.

Because you are busy. Busy healing, restoring, contemplating and spending much need time alone. So say no before committing to more than you can handle. No explanations necessary, you are simply busy at that time – and that is the truth.

Intention: I have the right to stay busy with the work of healing and restoring my energy.

9. Understand Your Own Negativity

It can be hard to admit but the negativity we dislike in others exists within ourselves as well. When we close our eyes to this, we’re not able to be fully aware of and in control of our own energy – nobody is perfect, we all have our issues.

When people boast about how they won’t hang around people who bring their energy down, they’re helping to spread further negativity. They’re essentially saying:

“I’m better than that person. I am worthy, but they are not.”

This mentality comes from a place of ego instead of a place of oneness. We are all one on this planet and while we have to protect ourselves from energies that hurt us, we must also be mindful of how our words and intentions can hurt others, further bringing down the vibration of the world around us.

Intention: I will protect my energy while also compassionately releasing all judgements of others.

10. Ground Yourself In Nature

We all lose ourselves from time to time. Someone’s negativity gets the best of us and we get swept along into their current.

For deep healing and to find yourself again, ground yourself in nature. Take a walk through the park or in the woods if you can. Grounding is the practice of connecting to the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency – simply walking barefoot or touching trees and plant life outside will instantly connect you ( no shoes – the rubber soles block the energy)

Intention: No matter how lost I got in someone’s negativity, I can use the restorative qualities of nature to heal and reset.

11. Quickly Cleanse

If you’re with someone whose negativity is impacting you, there’s a tendency to clam up and take quick shallow breaths.

Doing so just exasperates that person’s impact on you, allowing their negativity to seep deeper into your core. Instead, pause and take several slow and deep cleansing breaths. Let your breath remind you of the power you hold over your domain.

Close your eyes and breathe in calm, peace and light and breathe out pain, toxicity and darkness. Your breath is your simplest but greatest power.

Intention: My breath alone can heal me.

12. Don’t Give Permission

No one can affect you without your permission. If someone’s energy will be harmful to you, don’t grant them that permission.

Recognize this power within yourself. Own it.

You are no one’s emotional puppet. You are strong and intuitive and empathetic. And that can leave you open to other people’s energies, but only if you allow it.

So whenever you need to, tell yourself that you simply will not allow it.

Intention: My energy is mine and the energy of others penetrates me only when I allow it.

The more conscientious, sensitive and empathic you are, the easier it is for you to get swept away by the energies of others.

But you can protect your energy. All it takes is practice and intention and a belief that your well-being and mental health are worth it. Choose to believe.

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Skin Series – Microbladed Brows

Hi, I’m Tiffany and I spent years suffering from invisible eyebrow syndrome. Years of over zealous tweezing left me looking like a plucked chicken – so not the vibe I was going for! Without a doubt, the power brow is a real statement. Right now we are in the midst of the ‘bushy brow’ movement – a less structured approach to defined arches of 2019. But what’s a girl to do if there’s not enough ‘bush’ to work with? Microbladed Brows might be the answer.

I’ve had this procedure done twice. With hugely different experiences and outcomes. Honestly, the first time was so awful I vowed never to try this again – it took about 3 years before I built up the nerve to give to one more go…and Im glad I did. This is my brow blade diary to help you make up your mind for yourself – the unbridled truth, pros and cons of this procedure. In the interest of kindness I will not name the first LA salon that did my original procedure, but I will share details on the one I had an awesome experience with – Audrey Glass in West Hollywood. Accurate reviews are everything with these types of procedures – Forget the glossy IG pics or paid ads… do your research and find the best place for you.

What is a Microbladed Brow?

This is basically a micro ‘hair stroke’ tattoo that lasts about 2-3 years. It can help reshape, thicken, lengthen and improve the overall look of the brow. This helps the eyes look bigger and adds symmetry to the face. When this is done well , its absolute magic! Suitable for women of all ages.

Does it hurt?

This is the golden question! It shouldn’t hurt, the only thing you should feel is a slight scratch – if anything. The first time I had these done it turned out to be a complete disaster – the pain was so intense I was almost in tears. I think the artist had left me waiting too long and the numbing creme had started to wear off.

There was also a shocking amount of blood which I didn’t not expect – There was at least 5 blood soaked tissues to the left and I left feeling I had been in some sort of Horror film. Not cute. When Audrey did my brows the second time, I was literally amazed that I felt hardly anything!

TIP: Make sure you are numbed properly and the treatment starts on time. Lidocaine and other numbing agents can wear off fast – especially if you are nervous and pumping out adreneline.

How long does it last?

In my experience, 2-3 years – again it depends on the individual and if you get the regular color top ups. I didn’t and it still lasted a great length of time. This treatment won’t fully replace your brow pencil, but its great for having that definition regardless.

How much is it?

Each location will vary but you can expect to pay $500-1500 depending on location and popularity of the artist. The best brow peeps are usually booked up a few weeks in advance – which is obviously a good sign and worth waiting for. The color top is fee (6-12 weeks later) costs $250

Aftercare advice?

So this is really important in keeping your brows fresh. For the first week you must resist picking them at all costs – this would pull the color out. You cannot lay out in the sun and its best to wear a hat & SPF to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays also. The brows will look very dark the first week so make sure you plan this accordingly – if you have a wedding, big event, photoshoot etc … its best to not do your brows that week. Your therapist will give you a full run down of what to expect but these are the basics

My Brows: Before & Immediately After

Is it EB approved?

YES, I love this treatment. It saves me time, keeps my brows in a great shape and looks very natural. Find a great artist like Audrey Glass as you will be delighted with your results. Overall, I highly recommend this beauty procedure. This procedure and the first one were both gifted in return for an honest review. Audrey was fantastic, but I will not name or promote the other salon as I did not have a good experience.

Honesty is important to me and I will always give uncensored and unedited advice – I can pay for any beauty procedure – I dont need gifts from brands. However, when I do choose to collaborate with a brand, both parties know and expect I will only do what’s right by my readers. Both my mom and Granma had these procedure done in Ireland and they loved it too – its suitable for women of all ages.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, hit me up on hello@empathicbeauty.com

TS x

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A Fitness Model’s Secret: Intermittent Fasting

Ever wondered how Hollywood starlets and A-List Actresses never seem to gain weight? Like, ever? Perhaps it’s their good genetics? Personal trainers? Vegan diets? MAYBE….but perhaps it’s the growing trend of Intermittent Fasting that’s sweeping the fitness world. Also known as IF, the protocol suggests we take breaks from eating. Seems like common sense right? Well, Having discovered it myself way back in 2010 – I set out on a journey to review all the different methods and requirements.

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Effortless Fitness: My ‘No Diet’ Plan

A question I get asked almost daily on social media is ‘how do you get stay so fit during quarantine?

Thing is, i’m not on any diet… I actually don’t believe in diets. I don’t believe in restriction either. Honestly, you don’t need to be on any crazy ass low carb diet, intense exercise regime or anything of the sort. Over the years I’ve tried it all and ironically, you don’t need much to stay fit any healthy. Heres what I do, for lasting results that require minimum effort.

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