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Hair Extensions… the good, the bad and the beautiful!Featured

I like to think of hair as the outfit we wear every day, so I’ve always been one to keep up the maintenance and hair care more than any other beauty regime. The world of hair extensions can be pretty confusing… there’s so many types – clip in, braid, micro link, keratin bond, halo pieces – with so many options it can be difficult to pick the right method. Having tried ALL of these over the past 10 years …here’s my honest, unfiltered opinion on what works best and why. Having good hair has always been my ‘thing’ wear your hair every single day so I think its worth investing in! Plus , a good hair day can really make you feel so damn good!

The Microlink Method

Ok so these are my all time FAVE to which I have returned multiple times over the years! Y THO? Well, these are reusable, don’t damage the hair, no chemicals used and your own hair will GROW underneath as they are highly protective. This method also allows for greater color customization. Highly recommend these and they are the only ones I use now. Installation is super fast, about 4 bundles which works for medium to think hair will take 2 hours to install. My faves are Hair Dreams, Hair Locs or Showpony – Best Value. LOVE it Rating 9/10

The Halo

This is a hair piece similar to clip ins – suitable for instant glam with instant removal. One piece of hair on an invisible wire loop, you simply flip your hair over it. I really like this method, but make sure you add some clips for extra strength to hold the weave in place – this one time, my hair piece almost flew off in the wind…. in the middle of a photoshoot….not the best look but i’m still a fan of these – weather permitting lol 7/10

Braided & Sew In

Honestly, I tried these ONCE and hated ’em…the tight braid gave me a headache and I found them super uncomfy – had them removed within 2 days. Now, I know some people love them, and they can be great for afro hair – it all depends on your personal preference. No glue is required so that’s a huge plus…I wish I could say better things about this method but its my least favorite. 3/10

Tape Ins

A lot of people love these! I’m not a big fan… its pretty much impossible to get your hair up into a ponytail with these. They install pretty fast though…1-2 hours, and last about 6 weeks before you need to move them up. If you are the kind of gal who doesn’t want them to be too obvious when boo is running his fingers through your hair….maybe best to try the Microbeads or Keratin Bonds. 6/10

Keratin Bonds

Ok so these are like tiny glue bonds ( they say keratin but honestly its still a method of direct glue attachment) This type of very popular in Europe, as it allows for color customization, very small bonds (great if you wear high ponytails a lot) They do take a few hours to put in… depending on how many bundles you get – it might take 3-6 hours. I stopped wearing these as I did notice some little bald patches at the sides of my hair… BUT they went away fast, so maybe the person who installed them just wasn’t very good .. who knows. My favorite brand in this range is Great Lengths extensions – Nice fluffy ends on this hair which can be great if you already have thick hair. The downside is that new hair is required every few months as the hair can’t be reused. 7/10

I hope you find this helpful – bear in mid that everyone is different and what suits me, might not suit you and vice versa! For ladies based in California.. I go to Pinky Dillon – she’s the best and has been doing my extensions for a few years now! This post is not sponsored in any way – its just my personal experience.

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Skin Series: Secret to Flawless Under Eye FillerFeatured

Long nights, stressful days and a hectic schedules can have the best of us feeling and looking , well, a little tired! One of my all time ‘not -so- secrets’ to combat those tired eyes is a touch dermal filler in the orbital area. Now, here’s the thing about any type of dermal filler – you need to find the right doctor.

Alot of celebs or models will never tell you what they did or didn’t have done…well, I just think that’s a bit silly, so… here Im going to share my journey with under eye filler. No shame in my game…I’m an open beauty book!

Two weeks after my Boletero filler has settled
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Easy Depuffing Face Massages to Do at HomeFeatured

How many times did you hear (or read) “Don’t touch your face” today? Well, with very clean hands and a hydrating moisturizer, applied to clean skin, we are, in fact, touching our faces. Shock! Horror! But wait… hear me out… I’ve been taking notes from celeb aesthetician Joanna Vargas & her lymphatic drainage massage technique – which she outlines in her book, Glow from Within This is SO KEY at targeting puffiness, dark circles, and even improving skin laxity.

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Skin Series – Microbladed Brows

Hi, I’m Tiffany and I spent years suffering from invisible eyebrow syndrome. Years of over zealous tweezing left me looking like a plucked chicken – so not the vibe I was going for! Without a doubt, the power brow is a real statement. Right now we are in the midst of the ‘bushy brow’ movement – a less structured approach to defined arches of 2019. But what’s a girl to do if there’s not enough ‘bush’ to work with? Microbladed Brows might be the answer.

I’ve had this procedure done twice. With hugely different experiences and outcomes. Honestly, the first time was so awful I vowed never to try this again – it took about 3 years before I built up the nerve to give to one more go…and Im glad I did. This is my brow blade diary to help you make up your mind for yourself – the unbridled truth, pros and cons of this procedure. In the interest of kindness I will not name the first LA salon that did my original procedure, but I will share details on the one I had an awesome experience with – Audrey Glass in West Hollywood. Accurate reviews are everything with these types of procedures – Forget the glossy IG pics or paid ads… do your research and find the best place for you.

What is a Microbladed Brow?

This is basically a micro ‘hair stroke’ tattoo that lasts about 2-3 years. It can help reshape, thicken, lengthen and improve the overall look of the brow. This helps the eyes look bigger and adds symmetry to the face. When this is done well , its absolute magic! Suitable for women of all ages.

Does it hurt?

This is the golden question! It shouldn’t hurt, the only thing you should feel is a slight scratch – if anything. The first time I had these done it turned out to be a complete disaster – the pain was so intense I was almost in tears. I think the artist had left me waiting too long and the numbing creme had started to wear off.

There was also a shocking amount of blood which I didn’t not expect – There was at least 5 blood soaked tissues to the left and I left feeling I had been in some sort of Horror film. Not cute. When Audrey did my brows the second time, I was literally amazed that I felt hardly anything!

TIP: Make sure you are numbed properly and the treatment starts on time. Lidocaine and other numbing agents can wear off fast – especially if you are nervous and pumping out adreneline.

How long does it last?

In my experience, 2-3 years – again it depends on the individual and if you get the regular color top ups. I didn’t and it still lasted a great length of time. This treatment won’t fully replace your brow pencil, but its great for having that definition regardless.

How much is it?

Each location will vary but you can expect to pay $500-1500 depending on location and popularity of the artist. The best brow peeps are usually booked up a few weeks in advance – which is obviously a good sign and worth waiting for. The color top is fee (6-12 weeks later) costs $250

Aftercare advice?

So this is really important in keeping your brows fresh. For the first week you must resist picking them at all costs – this would pull the color out. You cannot lay out in the sun and its best to wear a hat & SPF to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays also. The brows will look very dark the first week so make sure you plan this accordingly – if you have a wedding, big event, photoshoot etc … its best to not do your brows that week. Your therapist will give you a full run down of what to expect but these are the basics

My Brows: Before & Immediately After

Is it EB approved?

YES, I love this treatment. It saves me time, keeps my brows in a great shape and looks very natural. Find a great artist like Audrey Glass as you will be delighted with your results. Overall, I highly recommend this beauty procedure. This procedure and the first one were both gifted in return for an honest review. Audrey was fantastic, but I will not name or promote the other salon as I did not have a good experience.

Honesty is important to me and I will always give uncensored and unedited advice – I can pay for any beauty procedure – I dont need gifts from brands. However, when I do choose to collaborate with a brand, both parties know and expect I will only do what’s right by my readers. Both my mom and Granma had these procedure done in Ireland and they loved it too – its suitable for women of all ages.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, hit me up on

TS x

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Top 6 Self Tanning Products for summer

Let’s be honest, the art of self-tanning can be pretty tricky, so a girl needs to be equipped with the right products and know how! ( looking like a human Cheeto will never be in style).

For those of us partial to a perpetual post-vacay glow — without actually stepping on a plane or baking in harmful UV sun rays  — self-tanner is the way to go. But as anyone who has been unintentionally transformed into a streaky or orange version of themselves knows, scoring believably sun-kissed limbs can involve some rather risky trial and error. Random fact…did you know most tans are made from sugar? That’s why it’s tougher to nail a faux glow than, say, find the perfect foundation shade, because self-tanners rely on dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a sugar that safely darkens the skin. Suga Suga how you get so fly?

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Korugi: The Japanese Facial Massage That Can Help You Look 7 Years Younger

As a beauty influencer, I’ve had the privilege of trying all sorts of professional facial treatments, but regardless of what spa I’m at or what esthetician I’m seeing, my favorite part of each service remains the same – the facial massage Some are short, lasting only a minute or two at the end to gently press product into my face, while others are the focal point, working to “tighten” my skin using micro-currents and LED lights. Yet, no matter how much I love them, I could never, ever seem to recreate the motions and do them myself at home. That is, until recently, when I tried the most game changing facial online! Youtube skincare guru @gadgetlily has over 4million views on her Korugi Massage video. A true OG of skincare, her glowing complexion is on another level! Even better, this method requires no fancy gadgets- All you need are your hands!

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The best NUDE lipsticks according to make up artists

A nude lip is something every girl needs in her beauty arsenal – BUT finding that perfect shade is often one of the hardest things to get right.

Look, a girl will never not appreciate the power of a strong, bold lip. A red lip is classic and sophisticated, swiping on a trendy hue makes for an instant makeup look. But there’s something about a great nude lip that’s just oh-so-satisfying. Enough color to add a little something, but not so much that it makes a major statement, nude lipstick is a staple in our makeup bag for all occasions. The only issue? As is the case with nail polish or even clothing, not all nude hues are created equal. So, I rounded up the best barely-there shades in a variety of different formulas and prices.

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Skin Series – Injectable Semi-Permanent BB Creme

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want glowy, dewy insta worthy skin? Every year the beauty industry comes up with new and exciting trends for us to latch onto- 2019 was the year of the micro-bladed brow, the PDO thread lift and clean beauty. But what’s next? What if you could wear your make up every day and wake up looking fresh? Could injectable bb creme be the next beauty must have? Let’s find out!

Exactly what is semi-permanent bb creme?

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My Morning Skincare Routine

If there’s one thing I love – its skincare! When I was 22 I completed my very first beauty therapy course – I love to learn and get in deep with the knowledge and hard facts! There’s nothing like that feeling when your glow is on point. Skincare is a science. Over the past few years working with various brands, I can honestly say I’ve tried thousands of products – the good, the bad and the ugly!

With so much choice it can be hard to make a good decision. So I’m going to let you in on a little secret – you don’t need all that! A simple, clean routine is best. Less is more when it comes to skincare – Why? Overload of products will only result in acne, inflammation, dryness and possible rosacea. Who wants that? Girl, Bye. Here’s a little overview of my current morning routine …

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