In 2019 I had a life changing and traumatic year. I lost my mother, Sharon and my beloved grandparents, Pat and Liz – all within a short span of 8 months. Such extreme loss fundamentally changed me as a person, I see the world through a different lens now. My mum was only 58 years old and fell victim to Melanoma – an aggressive form of skin cancer. Grandad died of prostate cancer and he was 83. Nanny I believe , died of a broken heart – she was married 60 years and they never spent a day apart. A true love story!

Empathic beauty is conscious beauty – I care about what we consume, ingest and purchase. Everything we take into our body and mind, will have an impact, positive or negative. I try my best to live a high vibrational lifestyle, and since making these changes, Ive noticed huge changes for the better.

I truly believe we are what we consume, in all areas, from food, supplements, even materials we see on the news and internet. I am deeply passionate about all areas of self improvement, the clean beauty industry, inner health and wellness.

As I spent 10 years modeling and the world of TV and film, I got so much exposure to the beauty industry. But what I’ve learned is that beauty comes from within – sure its fun to glam up and feel good – but the inner work, nutrition and energy are all part of it too. My mum did not have the education back in the 80s to take full care of herself, her skin, her diet and her energetic vibration- the resources simple weren’t there.

This blog is dedicated to helping as many people as I can with overall wellness, beauty, health and happiness. My purpose now is to spread kindness and healing to whoever is open to it!

Much love,

Tiffany xx