As a beauty influencer, I’ve had the privilege of trying all sorts of professional facial treatments, but regardless of what spa I’m at or what esthetician I’m seeing, my favorite part of each service remains the same – the facial massage Some are short, lasting only a minute or two at the end to gently press product into my face, while others are the focal point, working to “tighten” my skin using micro-currents and LED lights. Yet, no matter how much I love them, I could never, ever seem to recreate the motions and do them myself at home. That is, until recently, when I tried the most game changing facial online! Youtube skincare guru @gadgetlily has over 4million views on her Korugi Massage video. A true OG of skincare, her glowing complexion is on another level! Even better, this method requires no fancy gadgets- All you need are your hands!

This massage method works to lift and relax your facial muscles and reduce swelling in your eye, neck, and jaw area (also known as lymphatic drainage). It consists mostly of one important technique: applying pressure with different parts of your hands, fingers, knuckles with a holding and lifting motion. The pressure of your palm helps to lift and relax your muscles, while the circular motion helps increase circulation in your face. Lily states that Marula Oil, Rosehip Seed and Carrot Seed oil are great choices – but of course any skincare oil that you currently love will work, or a serum/moisturizer that’s already part of your regime.

There is absolutely no downtime after the facial, since there are no extractions or harsh gadgets involved, and most people see a huge transformation in their face shape immediately after. That’s exactly what I found after five minutes — my cheekbones were higher, my skin was softer, and overall, I looked glowier and more relaxed.

While this facial massage might seem complicated, experts say that with practice, it should only take you one or two minutes at home. It’s gentle enough to do every day, so try tacking it on to the end of your morning or evening skin care routine. And who knows, with time, you just might be mistaken for a Japanese actress — or at the very least, look and feel way more relaxed.