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Hair Extensions… the good, the bad and the beautiful!Featured

I like to think of hair as the outfit we wear every day, so I’ve always been one to keep up the maintenance and hair care more than any other beauty regime. The world of hair extensions can be pretty confusing… there’s so many types – clip in, braid, micro link, keratin bond, halo pieces – with so many options it can be difficult to pick the right method. Having tried ALL of these over the past 10 years …here’s my honest, unfiltered opinion on what works best and why. Having good hair has always been my ‘thing’ wear your hair every single day so I think its worth investing in! Plus , a good hair day can really make you feel so damn good!

The Microlink Method

Ok so these are my all time FAVE to which I have returned multiple times over the years! Y THO? Well, these are reusable, don’t damage the hair, no chemicals used and your own hair will GROW underneath as they are highly protective. This method also allows for greater color customization. Highly recommend these and they are the only ones I use now. Installation is super fast, about 4 bundles which works for medium to think hair will take 2 hours to install. My faves are Hair Dreams, Hair Locs or Showpony – Best Value. LOVE it Rating 9/10

The Halo

This is a hair piece similar to clip ins – suitable for instant glam with instant removal. One piece of hair on an invisible wire loop, you simply flip your hair over it. I really like this method, but make sure you add some clips for extra strength to hold the weave in place – this one time, my hair piece almost flew off in the wind…. in the middle of a photoshoot….not the best look but i’m still a fan of these – weather permitting lol 7/10

Braided & Sew In

Honestly, I tried these ONCE and hated ’em…the tight braid gave me a headache and I found them super uncomfy – had them removed within 2 days. Now, I know some people love them, and they can be great for afro hair – it all depends on your personal preference. No glue is required so that’s a huge plus…I wish I could say better things about this method but its my least favorite. 3/10

Tape Ins

A lot of people love these! I’m not a big fan… its pretty much impossible to get your hair up into a ponytail with these. They install pretty fast though…1-2 hours, and last about 6 weeks before you need to move them up. If you are the kind of gal who doesn’t want them to be too obvious when boo is running his fingers through your hair….maybe best to try the Microbeads or Keratin Bonds. 6/10

Keratin Bonds

Ok so these are like tiny glue bonds ( they say keratin but honestly its still a method of direct glue attachment) This type of very popular in Europe, as it allows for color customization, very small bonds (great if you wear high ponytails a lot) They do take a few hours to put in… depending on how many bundles you get – it might take 3-6 hours. I stopped wearing these as I did notice some little bald patches at the sides of my hair… BUT they went away fast, so maybe the person who installed them just wasn’t very good .. who knows. My favorite brand in this range is Great Lengths extensions – Nice fluffy ends on this hair which can be great if you already have thick hair. The downside is that new hair is required every few months as the hair can’t be reused. 7/10

I hope you find this helpful – bear in mid that everyone is different and what suits me, might not suit you and vice versa! For ladies based in California.. I go to Pinky Dillon – she’s the best and has been doing my extensions for a few years now! This post is not sponsored in any way – its just my personal experience.

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