Corona Virus. Only a few weeks ago, we were enjoying life and normal routines, Now its school closings, sports event cancellations, toilet paper hoarding. The Novel Corona virus has changed life as we know it.

Yet some personal health facts remain unchanged. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer solid advice for preventing community spread and infection: apply social distancing, sanitize everything, wash your hands & don’t touch your face.

But, there’s more.

The immune system is at the forefront of fighting all these infections. So yes, while its vital to precise hygiene outside the body, we need to give our cells a fighting chance on the inside too! About five years ago I was always coming down with something – bronchitis, tonsillitis, head colds… you name it! At the time I had just moved to LA and was very stressed out. Moving country, trying to make new friends, find work, navigate this HUGE life change. I was stressed asf, eating junk food and not paying too much attention to what I put into my body.

Fast forward five years and wow…I made some life changing progress! I lowered my stress, learned yoga and meditation and focused on eating a diet of 80% natural foods (I still leave room for treats because a girls gotta have some fun you know) The results were INSANE. I have not been sick in 4 years. I challenge you guys to do a 21 day wellness experiment! Now is the perfect time to challenge yourself and improve your immunity.


Ok so this is pretty obvious but its one that many people find hard. Everyday I will greens such as salad, broccoli, kale etc. Nutrients come from colorful plant based foods. Aim for foods like vegetable soup, fish salads with avocado, fruits like blueberries, raspberries and other colorful cuties. Juicing or blending is also a great way to get the veggies in. A rainbow diet is one of the BEST things you can do to boost your immunity! Eating 80% natural foods is the #1 thing you can do to boost your internal system right now.


I aim to drink 2L or 8 glasses of water per day. Things like coffee and tea are nice but they can dehydrate you. Make sure to balance with regular glasses of H20 throughout your day. You will have more energy, brighter skin and mental clarity. Add fruit if you want to add a little taste and flair. Raspberries, Strawberries, Cucumber, Lemon and such make great infusions.


Now is the perfect time to consider meditation. This is a scary and alarming time for us all, so we must take care of our mental health and not get swept up in the media negativity. Meditation is clinically proven to lower stress and boost immunity. Feeling calm helps us keep things in perspective too.


Research shows that sitting is the new smoking. Modern society has many of us desk bound and lethargic. Stand more. Move more. Take walks and little breaks from sitting throughout the day. I work out 4x a week and do an hours walk on most days with my dog. Find exercise that you enjoy and make it part of your daily routine. It takes 21 days to set a new habit so don’t give up and set yourself a challenge!


One thing I’m obsessed with is supplements. These are an essential step to make sure you don’t miss any micronutrients day to day. Nobody eats a ‘perfect diet’ every day…We can only do our best within these modern lifestyles. This is why supps can be so beneficial in boosting immunity. Every day I take an organic multivitamin, probiotic and collagen. Aim for high quality – less fillers and such. Organic is best if possible. The Centrum Brand is a good affordable option also.


As most of us are on lockdown, this one hopefully isn’t much of an issue! I love to sleep and try to always get 8 hours a night. Our body heals itself at night and good sleep hygiene is vital in keeping your immunity at its peak! avoid your phone/laptop for at least 30 minutes before bed – the blue light can effect your sleep and keep you awake longer.


This is something Im very passionate about! Thoughts become things. Its hard to stay in a positive mindset if you watch the news all day. Make a point of staying informed but not watching it all day long. Sadly, a lot of reporting is negative and overtime this can really lower our emotional wellbeing and happiness – which in turn can lead to anxiety and depression. Watch some some fun comedy shows ( I LOVE THE Office) keep it light, call your funny friends/family and take steps to make joyful moments.

Positive energy is healing, protective – mind body spirit complex is deeply interconnected. YES times are tough right now, BUT lets work together to raise our vibration and stay as healthy as we can right now – use this time to create new and lifelong habits for the better!

Wellness and immunity are a 360 degree approach. Just do your best and set yourself a 21 day challenge … Let’s make the best of these difficult times and find momentum for self improvement. Stay positive – this too shall pass.

TS x