The latest beauty trend to take over the ‘gram has everyone talking. About 4 years ago I had a lower face of threads – way back before it was even a popular thing. I didn’t know what to expect…but over time, I was pretty impressed with the lifting results. Providers claim that threads enhance collagen, lift, improve wrinkles and texture.

What exactly is a thread lift?

The thread lift is a “minimally invasive procedure for the face, neck, or jowls in which threads, which have small cones/graspers on them, are passed under the skin via a large needle,” Norman Rowe, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City tells Allure Magazine. “The cones then grab hold of the skin from the under surface and pull to re-suspend the skin in a lifted, more youthful position.” Lifted? Youthful? Got it

The procedure is done under local anesthesia in some places but others don’t numb at you at all. I have tried both options and I found the smaller threads were just a pinch and didn’t need to be numbed. But ask to be numbed if you feel nervous. Also, as with any beauty treatment, don’t go the week before your period – it may be a little more painful as your body is extra sensitive during this time.

The procedure is for both men and women, and I think men looking to combat signs of mild aging would like this a lot – there’s almost no downtime and it leaves you looking refreshed but not ‘done’ – a very natural result.

Price: $1000- $4500

Pain Level: Mild

Benefits: Collegen Production, Lift, Skin Vibrance, Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Minimal downtime.

Duration: 12-15 months

How Does it Work?

A tiny pin like needle is inserted at the subdermal level, parallel to the surface of the skin. The PDO thread remains under the skin. The sutures will be fully absorbed within 4 to 6 months and don’t create any scar tissue. The body stimulates collagen and the skin structure created will hold up to 12 to 15 months. The procedure takes 30 minutes or less to perform and the side effects are mild as recovery time is minimal.

Having done this procedure twice, I really do like it. Its a much better option than fillers or surgery (although I’m not against those either) The pain was like a mild pinch, nothing too bad. There was a big improvement in my skin brightness and texture. I had my threads done with Ani @myaestheticspot – check her out if you live in the LA area

My tip is to find a reputable provider with lots of experience. Start with a few and see how you like them, before investing in multiple areas. I really like this procedure as it stimulates your own body to heal itself and produce collagen – thus resulting in a more natural look than fillers or botox. I will say that if you are a more mature person looking for a very strong lift, this may not be the right option for you.

Always discuss with a qualified professional or two..gather opinions and research yourself before making any type of cosmetic decision. *This post is not an ad or affiliated to Nova Threads in anyway. Just my genuine unfiltered opinion.

Happy Threading guys… TS x