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A Fitness Model’s Secret: Intermittent Fasting

Ever wondered how Hollywood starlets and A-List Actresses never seem to gain weight? Like, ever? Perhaps it’s their good genetics? Personal trainers? Vegan diets? MAYBE….but perhaps it’s the growing trend of Intermittent Fasting that’s sweeping the fitness world. Also known as IF, the protocol suggests we take breaks from eating. Seems like common sense right? Well, Having discovered it myself way back in 2010 – I set out on a journey to review all the different methods and requirements.

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Effortless Fitness: My ‘No Diet’ Plan

A question I get asked almost daily on social media is ‘how do you get stay so fit during quarantine?

Thing is, i’m not on any diet… I actually don’t believe in diets. I don’t believe in restriction either. Honestly, you don’t need to be on any crazy ass low carb diet, intense exercise regime or anything of the sort. Over the years I’ve tried it all and ironically, you don’t need much to stay fit any healthy. Heres what I do, for lasting results that require minimum effort.

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