The truth is, we live in an energetic universe. Everything right down to the smallest molecule, is energy. When you accept this basic principle, you can use the law of attraction and its energy to vastly improve your life. I came from a working class family in Ireland, we were not wealthy. With attention to focus, positivity and inspired action …I have manifested everything I ever wanted or needed – From my dream job to my dream car to my dream relationship! Now, granted it took time for these things to manifest into physical reality…but they DID. And you can manifest anything you desire too!

If you have trouble believing in the law of attraction, then lets start with manifesting something small & realistic – something that you know you can get with relative ease. The key is believing in yourself and your power to manifest. Self doubt is not your friend here…you must believe in yourself. You are a creative being of source energy after all…the power that created worlds, also created you…. think about that for a second!

You have SO much power you don’t even know. Society at large has us engaged in the 9-5 rat race, believing that this is how we should live. It is not. YOU are a creator and you can create your own reality. STOP playing small … you are an energetic being with the power to create your own reality …for real.

How to Manifest

Choose what you want to manifest – Be clear and write a list. Look at this every day to keep on track. Writing also helps you focus on the goal and sift out any mind chatter. ALWAYS write your goals down. Get a manifestation book or diary … look at it daily. Add or edit goals as you need. Be specific so the universe can deliver you exactly what you asked for.

Feel the energy as if it has already happened – How will feel when you buy that new house? Or get that dream partner? You will feel elated, happy, content and vibrant. Picture this now and hold this vibration. Feel those emotions as you daydream about your project

Be aware of your thoughts – Mind chatter can be a problem if its left unchecked. If you notice yourself thinking negative or berating yourself – switch your vibe to something that makes you feel happy – your upcoming vacation maybe, or going to see your best friend for coffee, anything that makes you feel GOOD. Release your resistance, its good to feel good!

Set a morning routine – Every morning I do positive affirmations. This sets my intentions and energy for the day – I AM POWERFUL. I AM ABUNDANT. I AM ENERGETIC etc. I also recommend meditation and getting outside for fresh and air a couple of minutes grounding (touch a tree, plants, or walk barefoot – this connects you to the earths electromagnetic field)

Avoid negative media/people/situations – Watch positive material on TV, hang out with fun, happy people, and follow your intuition on how good you feel after hanging with certain friends. Avoid toxicity

Eat high vibrational foods – Natural foods have a higher frequency than heavily processed foods. The better you eat, the better you will feel. and the easier and faster your manifestations will come through.

Vision Boards – These are a great way to keep your vision alive. I have one on my fridge. Add anything you wish to create in your life and look at it every day.

Be patient – Some manifestations can be almost instant, some might take a few days, or even a few years. Don’t give up and think you can’t create it – you can. Somethings things just take a little longer on this Earth plane. Its part of the human experience.

Practise Gratitude – Gratitude is a great way to reset your vibration. Everyday I thankful for the smallest of things – fresh food in the fridge, a roof over my head, my health, my friends, my family etc. There is so much to be grateful for!

I hope this article truly helps you…if it even helps 1 person get on a happier path then I’ve done my job! And please share this article to anyone who might need a little boost… I love to hear from you guys 🙂

Tiffany x